Minutes – August 2019

Subject: Meeting Minutes of August 6, 2019

The August meeting was called to order by Vice President Mike, ND9G at 7:00 p.m. on August 6, 2019 in the Crystal Lake Bank meeting room.

The Pledge of Allegiance kicked off the meeting, led by Dave K9AT.

Vice President Mike, ND9G extended a welcome and asked if there were visitors or guests present. We had 4 guests: Mike not licensed, Karen KB9DGN, Mike KD2RP, Steve KD9MFF.

Vice President Mike, ND9G asked for any License Upgrades, New awards etc. issued since Last meeting.

Introductions around the room followed. 42 members and 4 guests were in attendance for the meeting.

Minutes from the July meeting were posted on the mcwa.org website for review at the meeting by Secretary Dan KD9M. John K9JK moved to accept the minutes, and the motion was seconded by John N9GUU. The motion passed by voice vote.

Treasurer Joe N9OK read the Treasurer’s July report:
Started with $6192.64, May Deposits $0.00: Dues $0.00;
May Expenses ($626.71):Mike WB8BZK Laptop Battery $26.99, Mike WB8BZK November Dinner Deposit $100.00, Dan KD9M Field Day Reimbursments 104.50, John KA9CAR Field Day Reimbursments 382.92, Stamps $12.30; May Interest $0.79.
Ending balance: $5566.72
Member count is now 121 Voting members, and 8 family members. Jim N7US moved to accept the Treasurer report, and the motion was seconded by Fred AC9RQ. The motion passed by voice vote.

Vice President Mike ND9G announced John Zelz W9ZE’s wife passed July 1st, Dave KD9ESL is recovering from a stroke. VP Mike asked for a moment of silence.
Officer & Director Elections will be at the September 3rd meeting. If you are interested please contact Kent K9KMD, Roger KF9D, or Gary KD9FML.

Several Ham Fests/Gatherings recently and upcoming.

    • South Milwaukee Amateur Radio Club July 6th, John K9JK said it was about average but lots of rain made the lot small.
    • Karsfest, Peotone, IL July 21st, Pierre K9EYE said it was small.
    • Hamfesters Radio Club, Peotone, IL August 4th
    • Free Fest, Racine, WI August 10th
    • W9DXCC, St. Charles, IL September 13th


Upcoming MCWA Presentations

    • September Auction + MCWA Elections
    • October WiFi Microcontroller for the Shack Ralph Iden WB9ICF
    • November MCWA Dinner / Social
    • December TBD

Other Announcements
VP Mike ND9G announced Save the date for November 5th Village Squire 6pm Social 7pm Dinner. In September will start taking reservations.
Dinner will be at the Village Squire 4818 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Cost will be $27 each Spouses & Guest welcome, There will be individual drink checks

New Business
Scout Camporee October 5th. Jurassic Island theme. Would like us to setup communications to the outside world “if something went wrong”
Requesting 2 Amateur Radio Stations, Morse Code Demo & Activity
Need Volunteers for the following

    • Project Co-Leader
    • Bring & Setup two stations & Antennas
    • Station Operators
    • Morse Code Demo & Activity
    • Quick Introduction to our Activity
    • Provide ready Local Home / Mobile QSOs
    • Ham Related Video for 60 inch monitor
    • Tear Down

Dave K9AT is building a resource list. Please send Dave where you get parts for Ham radio projects and other needs. This will be posted to the web site when finished.

The business meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.
Joe W9JCS moved to adjourn, and the motion was seconded by John K9JK. The motion passed by voice vote.

Following a short break, VP Mike ND9G allotted time for each of the show and tells that were brought in or pictures sent in. The program wrapped up at 8:45 PM.

Minutes recorded by Secretary Dan, KD9M