Minutes – August 2022

MCWA Meeting Minutes of August 2, 2022

President Ralph Iden (WB9ICF) called the August 2022 hybrid meeting (in-person and by Zoom) to order at 7:03 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance followed, led by John Cankar (W9JM). Ralph then welcomed new and returning members David Peterson (KD9VEJ), Dennis Limosnero (KD9VKX), Daniel Limosnero (KD9VLD) and Dean Limosnero (KD9VLE). Ralph then asked everyone in the room to introduce themselves.

Board members present were Gary Dembski (W9GD), Dean Hettel (WC9C), Ralph Iden (WB9ICF), Gary Kaatz (W9TD), Dan Larson (KD9M) online, Mike Metroka (WB8BZK) and Dave Whiteside (N9BSA).

A total of 46 members were in attendance and 4 guests; David White, Rob Orr (K9RST), Lyle Giese (KD9RCN) and our speaker this evening, Carl Luetzelschwab (K9LA).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting minutes from the June 2022 meeting were previously posted to the MCWA website for review. Hearing no objections, the minutes were approved.

Membership and Financial Reports

Treasurer Dean Hettel (WC9C) presented the membership and financial reports for June and July. MCWA has a membership of 124 full members including 8 family members and no Associate members.


Opening Balance $11,334.12
Deposits $180.00 ($30 dues and $150 donation)
Expenditures $43.01- ($12 domain renewal, $31.01 FD breakfast)
Interest $0.09
Final Balance $11,471.20


Opening Balance $11,471.20
Deposits $25.00 (dues)
Expenditures $246.90- (Maker Faire CPO parts)
Interest $0.09
Final Balance $11,249.39

Dean reminded the membership to pay their 2022 or 2023 dues by PayPal, check or cash tonight at the meeting. Those that haven’t yet paid have been dropped from the roster.  Hearing no objections, the treasurer’s report was approved.


The next VE testing will be held on August 16 at the Free Methodist Church in Woodstock. See https://mcwa.org/license-exam for details and contact Steve Maresso (KB9OLD) at 847-477-3518 to reserve your spot.

John Cankar (W9JM) reported on the Trek 100 – Ride for Hope. He had 21 operators assisting, about 1785 riders and ~$1.2 million raised for the charity.

Rob Orr (K9RST) made an appeal for the next service opportunity which is the Chicago Marathon on October 9th. Contact Rob Orr (K9RST@arrl.net) to volunteer.


Hamfest and Event Update


Lyons “Freefest”: W9TD reported only about 20 sellers

South Milwaukee ARC Hamfest: W9TD reported that there were many sellers and the prices were good.

KARSFEST: no reports


Jefferson Outdoor Fest 2022, August 6, Spangler Campgrounds, Jefferson, WI

Hamfesters Radio Club Hamfest, August 7, Will County Fairgrounds, Peotone, IL

W9UDU Free Fest 2022, August 14, Greater Racine Kennel Club, Racine, WI

SMCFest, August 27, Chicago Marriott Naperville, Naperville, IL

Contest Reports

ARRL June VHF Contest: no reports

Stew Perry Topband Challenge: no reports

 ARRL Field Day: Subject of later report

 Thirteen Colonies: N9BSA and others participated noting that the French station was elusive

 IARU HF World Championship: no reports

 CQ Worldwide VHF Contest: no reports

 North American QSO Party (RTTY): WB8BZK participated as well as several other members


10-10 International Summer Contest (SSB) – August 6-7

ARRL 222 MHz and Up Distance Contest – August 6-7

North American QSO Party (CW) – August 6-7

ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest – August 20-21

North American QSO Party (SSB) – August 20-21

Upcoming MCWA Presentations

September 6 Small Antennas for HF – Jack Hudson (W9MU)

October 4  Youth in Amateur Radio – Anthony Luscre (K8ZT)

November 1 Working the Pileup – Ron Delpiere-Smith (KD9IPO)

December 6 TBD

Awards and license upgrades

Michael Holtz (KD9VDW) received his General class license.

Old Business

The Club Field Day Report from Rush Creek was presented by Dan Larson (KD9M). There were 1467 CW, 272 SSB and 379 FT8/FT4 QSOs. We had 1350 Bonus points. The final score was 9278, an all-time high. We operated 2A and contacted 80 of the 85 sections.

The McHenry County RACES/ARES, operating out of the Government Center in Woodstock operating as K9ESV had 791 CW and 38 Phone QSOs also operating 2A.

The 415 Club was operating from Gary Dembski’s (W9GD) acreage as N9WH. Sam Haldiman (KC9GPY) reported 481 CW and 652 SSB QSOs for a final score of 3232. They had 23 visitors, 12 unlicensed and 9 under 18 youths.

New Business

The club officer’s election will be held at the September 6 meeting. The nominating committee consists of Gary Dembski (W9GD), David Whiteside (N9BSA) and Roger Scott (KF9D) – Chairman.

The current slate consists of:
President: Dan Larson (KD9M)
Vice-President: Mike Metroka (WB8BZK)
Secretary: Gary Kaatz (W9TD)
Treasurer: Dean Hettel (WC9C)
Director: To fill opening created by expiration of Gary Dembski’s 2-year term.
Kent Dulaney (K9KMD)
Wendell Smith (N9REP)

Wrap up

Carl Luetzelschwab (K9LA) will be presenting “Propagation and Amateur Radio” will follow the adjournment of tonight’s meeting.

The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at the Algonquin Township meeting room. Open “eyeball” QSOs start at 6:30 PM, with the meeting starting at 7:00 PM. The program is “Small Antennas for HF” by Jack Hudson (W9MU).

A motion to adjourn was made by John Cankar (W9JM) and seconded by Sam Haldiman (KC9GPY). The motion was approved by voice vote and the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Prepared by Gary Kaatz (W9TD), MCWA Secretary.