Minutes – December 2021

MCWA Meeting Minutes of December 7, 2021

President Ralph Iden (WB9ICF) called the December 2021 meeting to order at 7:04 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance followed led by Dave Holmgren (K9AT). Ralph noted that the meeting will be recorded. Ralph welcomed new members Jesse Bowen (WM0Y) and Mike Kana (AA9IL).

Board members present were Gary Dembski (W9GD), Dean Hettel (WC9C), Ralph Iden (WB9ICF), Gary Kaatz (W9TD), Dan Larson (KD9M), Mike Metroka (WB8BZK) and David Whiteside (N9BSA).

A total of 40 members were in attendance and three guests, Dave Cushman (KC9CTI), James Spence (KO9A) and our presenter Bill Engelke (AB4EJ).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting minutes from the November 2021 meeting were previously posted to the MCWA website for review. Sam Haldiman (KC9GPY) motioned to approve the minutes with David Whiteside (N9BSA) seconding the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous voice vote.

Membership and Financial Reports

Treasurer Dean Hettel (WC9C) presented the membership and financial reports for December. MCWA has a membership of 129 full members including 7 family members.

Opening Balance $10,589.35
Deposits $180.00 (dues)
Expenditures $0.00-
Interest $0.09
Final Balance $10,769.44

Dean reminded the membership to pay their 2022 dues by PayPal, check or cash tonight at the meeting. A motion to approve the financial report was made by David Whiteside (N9BSA) with a second by Sam Haldiman (KC9GPY). The motion was approved by unanimous voice vote.


The McHenry monthly Ham breakfast is held the first Saturday of every month at Buddyz, 1138 Green Street, at 8 AM. Contact Dave Whaley (NT9E) for more information. It was reported that 16 attended the December event.

Hamfest and Event Update


John Dewey (KA9CAR) reported that at the last VE session there were three new Technicians and one upgrade to General.


WCRA 55th Annual Mid-Winter Hamfest,   January 16, 2022, Kane County Fairgrounds

Winterfest, ARRL Midwest Division Convention, January 27, 2022, Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, IL

Orlando Hamcation, ARRL National Convention, February 10-13, 2022, Central Florida Fairgrounds & Convention Center, Orlando, FL

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, March 12-13, 2022, on-line

Dayton Hamvention 2022, May 20-22, 2022, Greene County Fairgrounds & Expo Center, Xenia, OH

Contest Reports

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest (CW): Joe Robin (N9OK) participated

WAE DX Contest (RTTY): no reports

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest (SSB): Joe Robin (N9OK) operated QRP

CQ WW DX Contest (CW): No reports

ARRL 160-meter Contest: Joe Robin (N9OK) participated, John Dewey (KA9CAR) made 75 QSOs, Mike Metroka (WB8BZK) made 450 QSOs over 10 hours of operating with 10 countries and Fred Sanborn (KG9X) made more than 1000 QSOs for second place, low power.

2021 Field Day Final Scores: Dan Larson (KD9M) reviewed the results. K9RN had 8,848 points (includes 1350 bonus points) and 2020 QSOs. In class 2A, K9RN was 6th in USA. No 2A 9-area station scored higher. The aggregate McHenry County Wireless Association score was 16,172.


ARRL 10-meter Contest – December 11-12

OK DX RTTY Contest – December 18

RAC Winter Contest – December 18-19

Stew Perry Top-band Challenge – December 18-19

ARRL Rookie Roundup (CW) – December 19

ARRL Straight Key Night (CW) – January 1, 2022

ARRL Kid’s Day – January 1, 2022

Upcoming MCWA Presentations

January 4         3D Printing for Amateur Radio
Ralph Iden (WB9ICF)

February 1      Antenna Building

A program coordinator is still needed since programs are an important part of our monthly meeting. Please contact Ralph (WB9ICF) or Mike (WB8BZK) for more information as to what is involved.

Awards and license upgrades

Mike Metroka (WB9BZK) achieved 12-meter DXCC and SOTA Shack Sloth for 1000 QSOs with SOTA activators.

Old Business


The summer picnic survey received 23 responses representing 32 people who might attend. The preference is for June or July on a Saturday early or late afternoon or on a Sunday late afternoon. The pig roast was the most popular food choice with vegetarian and gluten-free options requested. There was a suggestion to make it potluck. As far as activities, just sharing a meal and fellowship was enough for most although a POTA station or two was equally chosen. Fox hunting was not as popular. A suggestion was made to combine Field Day and the picnic.

Next steps are to decide on dates and select a location. In early January we will need to secure or rent the location. From January to April a picnic committee (need to form) will need to plan food and activities and finalize a budget.

Constitutional Amendment

Ralph reiterated the reasoning for needing the amendment. The proposed text is as follows:

ARTICLE VII – Meetings


The Bylaws shall provide for regular and special membership meetings, A minimum for a quorum to conduct club business is one-third one-fifth of the full members in good standing.

Due to not having a quorum, no vote was taken. John Dewey (KA9CAR) proposed a quorum as being those members present in-person or online. John Kalenowsky (K9JK) inquired as to the possibility of proxies. It was also suggested that since some members never attend meetings, they should be excluded from the membership count in order to determine a quorum. David Whiteside (N9BSA) said that his interpretation of the constitution is that we need a quorum to conduct business but that we only need 2/3 of those present at a meeting to change the constitution. President Ralph Iden (WB9ICF) tabled the discussion for a later date.

New Business

The Algonquin Township meeting room will not be available for the regularly scheduled June 7, 2022 meeting. Options for the Board to consider are to meet in the garage area, meet on a different day, or meet via Zoom or not at all.

Wrap up

Bill Engelke (AB4EJ) will be presenting “HamSCI Personal Space Weather project” following the adjournment of tonight’s meeting.

The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, January 4, 2022 at the Algonquin Township meeting room. Open “eyeball” QSOs start at 6:30 PM, with the meeting starting at 7:00 PM. The program is “3D Printing for Radio Amateurs” by Ralph Iden (WB9ICF).

A motion to adjourn was made by John Kalenowsky (K9JK) and seconded by David Whiteside (N9BSA). The motion was approved by voice vote and the meeting was adjourned at 7:57 PM.

Prepared by Gary Kaatz (W9TD), MCWA Secretary.