Minutes – October 2021

MCWA Meeting Minutes of October 7, 2021

President Ralph Iden (WB9ICF) called the October 2021 meeting to order at 7:02 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance followed led by Dave Holmgren (K9AT). Ralph noted that the meeting will be recorded. Ralph welcomed new member Ron Smith (W9OF).

Board members present were Gary Dembski (W9GD), Dean Hettel (WC9C), Ralph Iden (WB9ICF), Gary Kaatz (W9TD), Dan Larson (KD9M), Mike Metroka (WB8BZK) and Mike Salak (KC9Q).

A total of 37 members were in attendance and two guests; Will Nelson (KD9PRK) and our speaker for tonight, Mike Walker (VA3MW).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting minutes from the September 2021 meeting were previously posted to the MCWA website for review. Dave Whiteside (N9BSA) motioned to approve the minutes with Dave Holmgren (K9AT) seconding the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous voice vote.

Membership and Financial Reports

Treasurer Dean Hettel (WC9C) presented the membership and financial reports for September. MCWA has a membership of 125 full members including 7 family members.

Opening Balance $10,374.90
Deposits $40.00 (dues)
Expenditures $200.00- (ARRL club liability insurance)
  $112.94- (Zoom renewal)
  $22.00- (Quarterly web hosting fee)
Interest $0.09
Final Balance $10,080.05

Ralph noted that membership is January to December and you can renew now for 2022. A motion to approve the financial report was made by John Dewey (KA9CAR) with a second by Dave Whiteside (N9BSA). The motion was approved by voice vote.


The MCWA annual board of directors meeting will be via Zoom on Tuesday, October 19 at 6:30 PM. The meeting is open to all members in good standing.

Jamboree on the air: Dave Whiteside (N9BSA) will be running the event from the park behind his house on October 16-17. The Cub Scounts will be there from 12 to 3 on Saturday. They will try to contact K2BSA the headquarters station.

Hamfest and Event Update


W9DXCC Convention: Joe Robin (N9OK) attended and said it was fun.

Peoria Superfest: no reports

Radio Expo: Quite a few members attended. The weather was very good.

Illinois ARES Simulated Emergency Test: John Dewey (KA9CAR) and others participated.


WARAC Midwinter Swapfest, January 9, 2022, Waukesha County Expo Center

WCRA 55th Annual Mid-Winter Hamfest,   January 16, 2022, Kane County Fairgrounds

Peoria Superfest September 18/19

Winterfest, ARRL Midwest Division Convention, January 27, 2022, Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, IL

Contest Reports

ARRL September VHF Contest: John Kalenowsky (K9JK) operated 10 bands over 8 grids and made 176 contacts from his rover.

ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest: John Kalenowsky (K9JK) also participated and he made 20 contacts.

CQ WW DX Contest (RTTY): No reports, although I know some members participated.


Illinois QSO Party – October 17-18 Jim McDonald (N7US) will be operating as K9RN. Other MCWA members participating should use the full club name (McHenry County Wireless Association) when submitting their logs.

10-10 Intl. Fall Contest (CW) – October 16-17

Stew Perry Topband Challenge – October 23-24

CQ WW DX Contest (SSB) – October 30-31

Upcoming MCWA Presentations

October 5       SDR Performance Advantages
Michael Walker (VA3MW)

November 2  RF Exposure Calculations
Ron Delpiere-Smith (KD9IPO)

December 7    HamSCI Personal Space Weather project
Bill Engelke (AB4EJ)

January 4      3D Printing for Amateur Radio
Ralph Iden (WB9ICF)

February 1      Antenna Building

Awards and license upgrades

No reports.

Old Business

Ralph thanked the outgoing board members for their service, noting that Mike Salak (KC9Q) completed his two-year term as director. He welcomed David Whiteside (N9BSA) as a new two-year term director. He then welcomed the new board of directors.

The Scout Camporee will be held Friday to Sunday but most activity will be on October 23 from the McHenry County Fairgrounds, Woodstock. Gary Dembski (W9GD), Bill Wacaser (KD9WEW) and Doug Tucker (KD9PQI) have been planning the activities. They have 20 minutes for 7 tech presentations, 5 directed towards youths. The expectation is 100 to 200 Scouts. They are looking for stations that can be ready to talk to the scouts when they get on the air on 50.180 and 146.415 between 9 and 4.

A program coordinator is still needed since programs are an important part of our monthly meeting. Please contact Ralph (WB9ICF) or Mike (WB8BZK) for more information as to what is involved.

New Business


Wrap up

Michael Walker (VA3MW) will be presenting “SDR Performance Advantages” following the adjournment of tonight’s meeting.

The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at the Algonquin Township meeting room. Open “eyeball” QSOs start at 6:30 PM, with the meeting starting at 7:00 PM. The program is “RF Exposure Calculations” by Ron Delpiere-Smith (KD9IPO).

A motion to adjourn was made by Sam Haldiman (KC9GPY) and seconded by Dave Holmgren (K9AT). The motion was approved by voice vote and the meeting was adjourned at 7:29 PM.

Prepared by Gary Kaatz (W9TD), MCWA Secretary.