Minutes – August 2021

MCWA Meeting Minutes of August 3, 2021

President Ralph Iden (WB9ICF) called the August 2021 meeting to order at 7:02 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance followed led by Dave Holmgren (K9AT). Ralph noted that the meeting would not be streamed due to low bandwidth. New and returning members were welcomed.

Board members present were Gary Dembski (W9GD), Dean Hettel (WC9C), Ralph Iden (WB9ICF), Gary Kaatz (W9TD) and Mike Metroka (WB8BZK).

A total of 28 members were in attendance and one guest, Ron Smith (W9OF) who joined tonight.

Approval of Minutes

The meeting minutes from the July 2021 meeting were previously posted to the MCWA website for review. John Dewey (KA9CAR) motioned to approve the minutes with Paul Philip (AC9O) seconding the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous voice vote.

Membership and Financial Reports

Treasurer Dean Hettel (WC9C) presented the membership and financial reports for July. MCWA has a membership of 116 full members, 7 family members and 1 associate member for a total of 124.

Opening Balance $7,245.45
Deposits $10.00 (dues)
Expenditures $0.00-
Interest $0.06
Final Balance $7,255.51

A motion to approve the financial report was made by Mike Ophus (KD9DLL) with a second by John Kalenowsky (K9JK). The motion was approved by voice vote.


Michael Miller (KA9DFI and Wasyl Dobrowolskyj (N9CY) both passed away on July 7. Ralph asked for a moment of silence.

The September MCWA meeting will be held at the Crystal Lake Bank and Trust, TBD.

VE testing resumes on August 17 at the Free Methodist Church in Woodstock. For details see the MCWA website: https://mcwa.org/license-exam

Hamfest and Event Update


This portion of the meeting was omitted due to the equipment auction.

WI9SM 2021 Swapfest:


W9AA Hamfesters:


Tri-County ARC Hamfest August 7 (8 AM – 1 PM) Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Jefferson, WI, Tickets $5

West Central Illinois Hamfest August 7 (7 AM – 1 PM) Macoupin County Fairgrounds, Carlinville, Tickets $5

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo August 14-15, Tickets $10/$12.50 “at the door”

W9DXCC Convention    September 10/11, Chicago Marriott, Naperville, IL

Peoria Superfest September 18/19

Radio Expo September 26 (6 AM – 3 PM), Boone County Fairgrounds, Belvidere, IL, Tickets $8/$10 at the gate

Contest Reports

This portion of the meeting was omitted due to the equipment auction.

IARU HF World Championship:  

CQ Worldwide VHF Contest:  

North American QSO Party (RTTY): 


North American QSO Party (CW) – August 7-8
North American QSO Party (SSB) – August 21-22

Upcoming MCWA Presentations

September 7     TBD

Awards and license upgrades


Old Business

At the September meeting, the nominees for MCWA officers will be formally presented by the Nomination Committee with additional nominations accepted from the floor. The election will then follow.

Regarding the November Dinner Social: Ralph noted that we are still looking for a volunteer to scout out locations. It could be a pizza or rib house. Prices at the Village Squire for steak, chicken or fish will be $29+ per person. Another option is to skip this and plan for a summer catered picnic. Ralph asked for opinions.

A program coordinator is still needed since programs are an important part of our monthly meeting. Please contact Ralph (WB9ICF) or Mike (WB8BZK) for more information as to what is involved.

New Business


Wrap up

The annual equipment auction follows the adjournment of tonight’s meeting.

The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, September  7, 2021 at the Crystal Lake Bank and Trust if they are open to it, otherwise virtual by Zoom. Open “eyeball” QSOs start at 6:30 PM, with the meeting starting at 7:00 PM. Officer elections will be held and the program is TBD.

A motion to adjourn was made by Mike Ricketts (ND9G) and seconded by Mike Ophus (KD9DLL). The motion was approved by voice vote and the meeting was adjourned at 7:23 PM.

Prepared by Gary Kaatz (W9TD), MCWA Secretary.