Minutes – April 2016

Subject: McHenry County Wireless Association
Regular Meeting minutes – April 5, 2016

The April meeting was called to order by President Jim, N7US at 7:00 p.m. on April 5, 2016 in the Crystal Lake Bank meeting room.

The Pledge of Allegiance kicked off the meeting, led by Jim, N7US.

President Jim extended a welcome to all and asked if there were visitors or guests present. Visitors and guests included Mark, WB9MRB from Streamwood, Joe, KD9FHT from Crystal Lake, John from our MCC class, and Jonathan son of Dave KD9ESL.

Introductions around the room followed. Thirty-six people were in attendance for the meeting.

President Jim encouraged all to join the club Yahoo reflector, K9RN, visit the club website at mcwa.org, and join the MCWA Facebook page to keep up on club news and information. Jerry N9AVY is the newsletter editor, Dave NT9E keeps the Facebook page up to date while Ken KB9I is the webmaster.

The minutes from the March meeting were published for review on the club website by Secretary Roger, KF9D. Dave NT9E moved to accept the minutes as published, seconded by Dave, KD9ESL. The motion passed by voice vote.

Treasurer Joe, N9OK reported a balance of $4507.45 in the club treasury. Expenses for the past month included $744 previously authorized by the membership for a new projector. Paid membership for 2016 is now up to 85 members. John, KA9CAR made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Mike, KC9Q. The motion passed by voice vote.

Jack, W9MU gave the members a wrap-up report on the “Introduction to Amateur Radio” class at McHenry County Community College. The 5 members enrolled attended all sessions to the final class. A demonstration night at Jack’s shack took place the week following the final class.
Dave, K9RUF gave a report on the AES Superfest in Milwaukee, saying it was well attended and featured representatives from the big 3 manufacturers. Dave, KD9ESL added that as a ham gathering it seemed small, but the forum speakers were impressive.

President Jim reminded new members that club call sign badges can be obtained through Ken, KB9I at a cost of $10.

On the subject of public service, Al KB9YMD told the group of upcoming ARES training sessions to be held on April 12 and April 16 at the Mental Health Center in Crystal Lake.

Operating activities and upcoming hamfests, contests, and DX-peditions, are well covered in the club newsletter. Two big DX-peditions are on the horizon, VK0EK and FT4JA to keep members occupied. Jeff, KC9WSJ, has previously volunteered to take over the position of club librarian. The material has been cataloged and a list of available material is on the club website. Members wishing to check out material should contact Jeff in advance so he can bring the requested material to the monthly meeting.

President Jim turned the floor over to Vice-President Mike, WB8BZK who give an overview to the membership of the changes to the club constitution that were proposed and distributed last month. Both the current and proposed constitution have also been viewable on the club website. Following the procedure outlined for change given in the current constitution, a quorum, consisting of one-third of current paid members, was necessary to amend the constitution. Thirty-three of the current 85 paid members were present to satisfy the quorum requirement. Ballots were handed out to each paid member present. Thirty-one ballots were collected resulting in unanimous approval for the new constitution.

Ray, N9RWC spoke on behalf of the membership, thanking the officers for their hard work on the new club constitution.

A short Field Day planning update was given by Roger, KF9D.

President Jim invited everyone to join the club member group that meets at the Cottage in Crystal Lake immediately after the club meeting for pizza and camaraderie.

There was no additional new business.

After a short break, Jack W9MU presented a very informative program on non-resonant HF antennas. Using the antenna analysis application EZNEC, Jack showed comparisons of various commonly used non-resonant antennas.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Roger Scott, KF9D, MCWA Secretary