Minutes – April 2015

Subject: McHenry County Wireless Association
Regular Meeting minutes – April 8, 2015

The April meeting was called to order by President Kent, K9KMD, at 7:00 pm on April 8, 2015 in the Crystal Lake Colonial Café Restaurant. The regular meeting room was unavailable.

The Pledge of Allegiance kicked off the meeting, led by Dave, KA9OZP.

Introductions around the room followed. Twenty-eight people were in attendance for the meeting, including 2 new hams.

Minutes from the March meeting were published for review on the club website by Secretary Roger, KF9D. Jerry, N9AVY, moved to accept the minutes as published, seconded by Mike, KC9Q. The motion passed by voice vote.

Treasurer Dave, N9ITE, reported an account balance was published in the monthly newsletter. John, KA9CAR, made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Steve, KB9OLD. The motion passed by voice vote. There are currently around 50 paid members for the year, so those outstanding need to see Dave to pay dues.

VP Dave, KA9OZP reports great DX band conditions and many good stations available to contact.

Webmaster Dave, NT9E, is having health issues and was not present for a report.

Jerry, N9AVY, newsletter editor had nothing new to report but thanks those contributing.

Under old business, Jack, W9MU reports the MCC Introduction to Amateur Radio classes have concluded with good success. For future classes, we need to do more active recruiting to achieve higher enrollment.

Dave, N9ITE, had previously update a club brochure and passed around copies.

A brief Field Day update was given by Chairman Roger, KF9D.

Under new business, Mike, KC9Q, gave a show and tell on a small, inexpensive software defined receiver USB port dongle. This particular unit covered 24 Mhz – 1.7Ghz. Several others are on the market and have various applications.

Dave, KA9RUF, mentioned that new episodes of Hamnation are available on Wednesday nights for downloading or viewing.

Paul, W9DWP, reminded the club members of the Stoughton, Wi hamfest, along with the DeKalb hamfest at Sycamore on May 3.