Minutes – May 2019

Subject: Meeting Minutes of May 7, 2019

The May meeting was called to order by President Mike, WB8BZK at 7:00 p.m. on May 7, 2019 in the Crystal Lake Bank meeting room.

The Pledge of Allegiance kicked off the meeting, led by Dave K9AT.

President Mike, WB8BZK extended a welcome and asked if there were visitors or guests present. We had 1 guest: Pete K9PW.

President Mike, WB8BZK asked for any License Upgrades, New awards etc. issued since Last meeting. Dave (prev. K9RUF) is now K9AT, Joe KD9KTA worked all 10 US districts, Mike WB9BZK completed his 30m DXCC.

Introductions around the room followed. 40 members and 1 guest were in attendance for the meeting.

Minutes from the April meeting were posted on the mcwa.org website for review at the meeting by Secretary Dan KD9M. John KA9CAR moved to accept the minutes, and the motion was seconded by Doug KD9PK. The motion passed by voice vote.

Treasurer Joe N9OK read the Treasurer’s April report:
Started with $6291.02, April Deposits ($80.00): Dues $80.00;
April Expenses ($0.00); April Interest $0.83.
Ending balance: $6371.85
Member count is now 111 Voting members, and 10 family members. John K9JK moved to accept the Treasurer report, and the motion was seconded by Joe K9DMV. The motion passed by voice vote.

President Mike WB8BZK announced that Pierre K9EYE donated a laptop to the club.
Ray N9RWC discussed his and John’s KA9CAR involvement in search for missing child in Crystal Lake area as part of McHenry County Emergency Management.
John KA9CAR discussed details of the upcoming MCWA Field Day. It will be at Rush Creek again this year. Please see reflector or contact John for further details.
Mike WB9BZK handed out a few ARRL Grid Chase shirts that were left from the VHF conference the previous weekend.

Several Ham Fests/Gatherings recently and upcoming.

    • Hamvention (Dayton) May 17-19
    • Wheaton Hamfest June 16

HRO will be having a tailgate hamfest at their locations during Dayton Hamvention.


Upcoming MCWA Presentations

    • June John Kalenowsky K9JK 10 GHZ and Up
    • July Mike Metroka WB8BZK MCWA Survey Results
    • August Show & Tell Auction MCWA Survey Results
    • September Auction & MCWA Elections
    • October TBD
    • Nov MCWA Dinner / Social

Other Announcements
Fred AC9RQ suggested factory reps come in for presentation.
Tom W9NBG discussed his group’s upcoming model railroad event at Nippersink Library in Richmond.
John KA9CAR made some ham catalogs available to members that wanted them.
Fred AC9RQ mentioned his model railroad event and will post details to the reflector.
Harold W9HB brought in a box of items that were free to those that wanted them.
Bill KA9TVU asked if we will be doing the Woodstock Challenge communication this year. Mike WB8BZK will contact Ken KB9I for information.
Mike WB8BZK presented the beginnings of a mentor list. This will begin to fill in as the member survey results are reviewed and potential mentors contacted.

Old Business
President Mike WB8BZK reminded members to complete the survey. The survey will remain open for 1 more week.

The business meeting was adjourned at 7:44 PM.
Dave NT9E moved to adjourn, and the motion was seconded by Joe N9OK. The motion passed by voice vote.

Following a short break, Pete Walter K9PW gave a presentation and demo on fox hunting. The program wrapped up at 8:33 PM, with continued demos in the parking area..

Minutes recorded by Vice President Mike, ND9G