Minutes – November 2017

Subject: Meeting Minutes of November 7, 2017

The November meeting was called to order by President Mike, WB8BZK at 7:00 p.m. on November 7, 2017 in the Crystal Lake Bank meeting room.

The Pledge of Allegiance kicked off the meeting, led by Dave K9RUF.

President Mike WB8BZK extended a welcome and asked if there were visitors or guests present. We had 5 guests: John Denore no license, Tom Schmitt no license, Kyler Baker (Boy Scout Leader), David Beeson (Boy Scout Leader), Richard Quaas NQ9R were visitors.

President Mike WB8BZK asked for any License Upgrades, New awards etc issued since Last meeting none noted.

Introductions around the room followed. 30 members + 5 guests were in attendance for the meeting.

Minutes from the August meeting were published for review on the club website by Secretary Dan, KD9AHQ. John KA9CAR moved to accept the minutes as published, and the motion was seconded by Dave NT9E. The motion passed by voice vote.

Treasurer Joe, N9OK reported starting balance of $4378.99, $180 in dues paid in, the purchase of a projector bulb $83.94 and bank interest of $0.39 for a balance of $4475.44 in the treasury. The new member brought the paid membership to 96 full members. John K9JK made a motion to accept the treasurer�s report which was seconded by Joe K9DMV. The motion passed by voice vote.

President Mike WB8BZK encouraged all to join the club Yahoo reflector, K9RN.

President Mike WB8BZK called for a moment of silence for ex member SK Leo Hunter K9GDI, and Neil Kern W9CNC.

President Mike WB8BZK and John KA9CAR gave a report on Jamboree on the air.

Boy Scout leaders Kyle Baker and David Beeson thanked the club and handed out patches to the club members that supported the event. They also said the feedback from the scouts was very positive. Kyle and David also asked about doing a session for the Radio merit badge next year some time. Will get more details off line.

Several upcoming operating activities, including contests, were highlighted. Algonquin Area Ham Breakfast report, Fort Wayne Ham fest, Milwaukee repeater Club Swap Fest See QST for additional contest details. Up-to-date DX information can be obtained from DailyDX.com.

Under the topic of old business, John KA9CAR announced the club has radio equipment for loan and some misc. parts on the table for people to grab if wanted.

Under the topic of new business, President Mike WB8BZK and Gary KD9FML brought up noise issue at field day location and to think about suggestions for new location, or help to find the noise source.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m. Olaf W9FY moved to close and the motion was seconded by Gary KD9FML.

Following a short break, John KA9CAR presented an interesting program: “Non-resonant Antennas”.

All members left the bank facility at approximately 9 pm. Minutes recorded by Club Secretary Dan, KD9AHQ