Minutes – October 2017

John Dewey KA9CAR: Call to order
Welcome to MCWA
Pledge of allegiance Dave (NT9E)
Introduction of new president, Mike WB8BZK

Mike Metroka WB8BZK:
Big Thank You to outgoing President, Officers & BOD Member
Introductions of incoming Officers and BOD Member
President – Mike Metroka (WB9BZK)
Vice President – Mike Ricketts (ND9G)
Treasure – Joe Robin (N9OK)
Secretary – Dan Larson (KD9AHQ)
Director – Roger Scott (KF9D)
Director – Jack Hudson (W9MU)
Past President – John Dewey (KA9CAR)

We held an Officer/BOD Transition Meeting to help quickly bring on the new members and to review roles and responsibilities of the various positions
Welcome to guests and/or visitors – 2 visitors Ralph (WB9ICF) Jerry (KC9TLM)
Any License Upgrades since last meeting?
Introductions  round table style
Please sign in on the forms going around
Roger KF9D’s secretary’s minutes posted on http://www.mcwa.org/minutes.htm  motion to approve (K9JK) And second (N9OK)
Joe N9OK’s treasurer’s report Starting of $4575.72 dues $10 expense $200 ARRL insurance postage reimbursement $7.08 interest earned $0.35 balance of $4378.99 remain at 90 members – motion to approve And second?
Jeff KC9WSJ – club library There is a link on the web site.
Club reflector – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/K9RN/
Jerry N9AVY publishes club newsletter which includes info on VE testing info, ham fests, contests, & DXpeditions.
We are in need of someone to head up our newsletter. It doesn’t have to be as extensive as Jerry’s works of art.
MCWA dues ($10) for 2017-18 are now being collected. See Joe N9OK
Tom W9NBG is our new Program Chair. Please contact Tom or any Officer if you would be interested in making a presentation at one of our future club meetings.

Fifty hams to Puerto Rico to help out with Hurricane relief
SATURN recruiting people for hurricane relief support as well. (KA9CAR)
Jamboree On The Air: John KA9CAR and other will be operating from the Crystal Lake Boy Scouts of America shop on the afternoon of Saturday October 21. Everyone is welcome to drop by. On route 31 north of Crystal lake from 1-3 PM 600 N. Illinois Crystal Lake. KD9ESL will be doing it out of his house
Mike (WB8BZK) found a camporee at veterans acers 200 + scouts. Will get more information to give to Gary (KD9FML) more info will be sent out to K9RN reflector.
New ham bands 630 and 2200 meters bands need to sign up FCC registration page.
Dave (NT9E) QRZ page will give your lat long for this info.
All encouraged to register.
Ham fest/Conference reports/announcements (W9DXCC)
MCWA monthly breakfast 1st Saturday every month. Green Street Cafe.
Facebook page Dave will get data IE screen shot will be sent to Mike (WB8BZK)
MCWA VE Testing (KB9OLD)MCWB Club Wear Just For You just4ucustom.com Send Scott Carter email.
6 Meter net AKA EN52 net 50.180 USB 1 year anniversary Pierre K9EYE Wed 7:30 to 8:30
Portillo and other pre dinner 5:15 all invited
MCWA Badges $10
NT9E report on monthly breakfast in McHenry
Algonquin Area Ham Breakfast being planned for the end of October TBD October 28th 8AM Golden Corral in Algonquin Ask for comments on band conditions or any interesting contacts
Contest Calendar  Mike WB8BZK
Mike presented list of contest from OCT 4th to NOV 6.
Lots went to W9DXCC was a good time. Around 240 people well attended
Boon county expo – no water no food truck
HRO SuperFest less venders than previous lots of programs were good.
Oct 26 and 27th in Reno NV AMSAT
4th Nov Milwaukee at Elks lodge down from HRO
Great lakes HAM com international speed way.
Other Announcements of interest to the club?

Old business
Thank you note sent to KE9FG for donations
Received 3 QSLs for Field Day on 6meter MIKE will add RST
MCWA Monthly Newsletter Jerry has been done since 78 and 80.

New business
Field Day: Not too early to start planning. We may need to consider a new venue due to the RF Noise Level
Who is interested in FD?
Overall FD Chairperson?
CW Station Leader?
Phone Station Leader?
VHF Station Leader?
Submission & Bonus Points Coordinator?
Any other new business?
New 10GHZ beacon installed south western DeKalb county LEE IL

Any Show and Tell?
Kits and part .com built a 20 and 30 meter 1 watt QRP K9FS.CC page has information.
KC9TLM – 6 meter HENtenna Japanese for strange antenna.
Invitation to pizza and continued discussion  The Cottage, Crystal Lake Ave
After the break we’ll have our Program: Jack W9MU RTTY: Operation and Contesting
Motion to adjourn? Mike (ND9G) And second Dave (NT9E) 20:03
5 – 10 minute Break