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Amateur Radio in the 21st Century

Amateur radio whose roots lie in early wired telegraphy systems in the late 1800’s has grown into a community of over 3 million licensed radio amateurs worldwide. 

Technological advances in the 21st century have made amateur radio even more exciting and rewarding. 

Check out these resources to learn more about our hobby.



ARISS – Contact the ISS

ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program

HamRadio.World YouTube Channel

M0XER’s B-64 ballon circumnavigates the Earth 8 times

Near Space Balloon handbook

Youth on the Air (YOTA)

Youngsters on the Air

Youngsters on the Air Facebook


Here is a short audio clip from a receiver in McHenry achieving AOS (Acquisition Of Signal) of the International Space Station and the station answering the first question from a student on the East coast.  Although we cannot hear the station in the East coast, the ISS can because of its altitude of around 260 miles above Earth.

ISS sound clip

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